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The secret to our unprecedented success is that we are unique. We desire meaningful work and relationships conducted within the framework of principles of honesty and transparency and focused on the idea-meritocracy

Eliminating gaps between CX and EX

Enterprise Solutions

New initiatives are built through our employee engagement and business participation platforms

Being a means of delivering happiness


We offer sustainable, nature-and living-respectful services within the framework of an understanding that aspires to take a leading role in e-commerce

Immersive experiences aren't just for gamers anymore

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

Thanks to AR/VR, we strive to have a positive impact on the end users' and companies' ease of life

Connected ideas and technologies for connected brands

Creative and Digital Ecosystems

Our main aim is to add value to brands and companies that want to move in a new direction

Find and Fund

As Plexus Mind, which operates with an idea-meritocracy-centric approach, we enable you to evaluate the variables that will benefit you by introducing technological solutions on your behalf.

We help you make sense of the world through our valued understanding of Machine Learning. We aim to understand markets and management in a cause and effect relationship, as the world can be realized with engineering systems. We attach great importance to technology to achieve our mission. In everything we put forward, our technologists aim to produce solutions with high added value by acting in partnership with developers and designers.

In the context of Idea meritocracy, sustainability is our main force in evaluating global markets and economies while carrying out studies with our systematic approach based on learning. Our team, which has an innovative and visionary perspective, aims to provide our customers with long-term and valuable solutions by bringing together years of industry experience and leadership vision.

Plexus Mind, which values digitization and produces solutions that add value to its partners, concentrates its work on creating technologies that will build the future. It combines experience, dynamism, and vision while also providing solutions that take customer demands into account.


Enterprise Solutions
Creative and Digital Ecosystems